Grahame Maclean – Music Director / Composer / Arranger

Originally trained as a classical musician, Grahame Maclean initially worked as a music director, composer and arranger in theatres around the world. In 1985 he began a very successful move to television when he wrote and conducted music for “The Collectors” which was screened on Saturday prime time TV by BBC over several months. Thereafter he stayed in television to write and conduct music scores for Channel 4, Thames TV, Yorkshire TV, Granada, H.B.O., ITEL / Anglia, Nickelodeon and TV South amongst several others.

Grahame Maclean
Grahame Maclean

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Grahame Maclean was a board member of Fineline Films and Television Ltd for 5 years where he was also the company composer. After leaving Fineline he devoted his time principally to Thames TV International. However, he also worked for other production companies such as Pioneer, Moving Picture Co., Euston Music and Lifetime Films where he scored and conducted the music for: There’s No Discouragement (C4), The Ancient Art of Cookery (C4), 100 Years of Football (Thames), Flexercise (Thames), Station Identmusic (Thames), Neptune Encounter (Yorkshire), The Stars (C4), Trash (Nickelodeon), Tatterjack (Cosgrove Hall) The Yocals (Wireless Pictures), Games Climbers Play (Pioneer ), Car Care (C4) and The Cones (Midnight Films). He then began to write library music, principally for Sonoton, but also increasingly for other companies such as Stock, Dennis Music, Focus Music and Connect Music. He now has well over 800 titles released through these companies.

Today, in addition to his other professional activities, Grahame Maclean also runs NorthStar Music Publishing, very occasionally relaxing away from work by piloting his plane or by enjoying his interest in ethnic cultures.

April 2001